Credit Card Authorization Form

No service will be provided unless Credit Card Authorization Form is signed and received by us.

Please feel out the authorization form and email it to or return to your driver. 

CREDIT CARD TYPE:    (AmEx)    (Master)    (Visa)    (Discovery)

CREDIT CARD NUMBER: _____________________________________________________

EXPIRATION DATE: _____/_____

CVC NUMBER: ________

NAME ON CREDIT CARD: _____________________________________________________

BILLING ADDRESS: __________________________________________________________

CITY __________________________ STATE __________ ZIP CODE __________________

AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE ____________________________________________________

I, ______________________________________ authorize San Diego Transporter, Inc. to charge the credit card listed above for requested car service(s), and I will honor all service charges.

Invoice will be processed on the credit card and then mailed to the client or company for their records.

San Diego Transporter, Inc.

Phone: +1 (619) 203-9605

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